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- Desirae Carnahan, Author -

Desirae Carnahan writes fun, imaginative fiction. When she was a child, she would fall asleep to her father's whimsical bedtime stories. As a young mother she made this a tradition and shared stories with her three children Their favorite stories that she told, were of extra-terrestrials on an imaginary planet.

Desirae’s love for science and teaching is what “Bedtime Stories for Martians” is all about. These passions have sculpted her career at the Natural History Museum and as a Director over a Preschool and Kindergarten.

The cosmos, planets and stars have always been a curiosity to Earthlings. Maybe there are Martians wondering about us?

- Haven Berg, Illustrator -

Haven comes from a large family based in rural Georgia. She illustrates books, sells prints of her artwork, and makes physical paintings. She specializes in illustrating children’s books and is always looking for the next story to bring to life! Some of Haven’s earliest memories include drawing with crayons to make pictures that told stories. She is thrilled that she gets to continue using her imagination as a freelance illustrator. She is also an author! She plans to be a part of making many more books, whether she is writing or illustrating them. To learn more about Haven and her work, visit!

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